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A show about adoption, foster care, advocacy, and becoming the best caregiver possible. We take an honest look at all aspects of the adoption and foster care journey and work to bring hope and encouragement to caregivers worldwide. Learn more about our work at

Jan 28, 2021

Author and memoirist, Nefertiti Austin writes about the erasure of diverse voices in motherhood in the critically acclaimed Motherhood So White: A Memoir of Race, Gender and Parenting in America. Her work around this topic has appeared in the "New York Times", "Washington Post", “Huffington Post”, "MUTHA",...

Jan 22, 2021

Jonathan and Sarah McGuire know just how valuable finding hope and resiliency on this sometimes difficult parenting journey can be. They know this, because this is what helped transform their entire journey with their children. Today, they've dedicated their entire life to supporting, enriching, encouraging, and...

Jan 14, 2021

Author and adoption advocate, Karen Springs, has been on a journey to share the beautiful and hard truth about adoption worldwide. In fact, she spent months traveling the country and interviewing adoptive families on what they've learned, how they've grown, and what they want the world to know about adoption.

Jan 7, 2021

Gaelin Elmore found himself in 25 different foster homes, over 13 years as a youngster. Fortunately for him, a kind and caring football coach brought him into his home while he finished high school. Through that turn of events, he received the resources he needed to thrive as he transitioned into adulthood. But so...