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A show about adoption, foster care, advocacy, and becoming the best caregiver possible. We take an honest look at all aspects of the adoption and foster care journey and work to bring hope and encouragement to caregivers worldwide. Learn more about our work at

Dec 3, 2020

We often have interviews on the podcast that we could simply keep going and going and going. Our conversation with Heath and Ligia Cushman (pronounced LEE-HE-UH) was just that. We talked about the pain and agony of miscarriage, dealing with the anxiety of being a black Latina women in the south, how transracial adoptees will play a big role in racial reconciliation in this country, and how to foster open and honest conversations with our children about race, loss and grief in adoption, and so much more. It was one of the most valuable hours we have ever spent on this show. You will LOVE our conversation with Heath and Ligia Cushman.