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A show about adoption, foster care, advocacy, and becoming the best caregiver possible. We take an honest look at all aspects of the adoption and foster care journey and work to bring hope and encouragement to caregivers worldwide. Learn more about our work at

Jul 8, 2022

There is often a negative or dim narrative that follows foster care. And, unfortunately, the beauty of the journey gets pushed to the side by a headline. In-spite of this, however, there is immense hope. 

Tori Peterson knows hope. In fact, it's her middle name. And as an adult, she (a former foster youth herself) has grown into a powerful advocate and voice for foster care, and in the process, has found an unshakable faith, the love of family, and a passion to impact foster care providers worldwide. You will LOVE her heart, and her story! 

A little more about Tori...

Tori Hope Petersen is a former foster youth letting her Abba Father be known through her stories. Tori is a wife, biological mom and adoptive mom. She is a national speaker, writer, and advocate named Mrs. Universe in 2022. She founded Beloved Initiative, a nonprofit caring for those considered “the least of these.” You can pre-order Tori’s memoir “Fostered” now, which will be released with B&H publishing!

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