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A show about adoption, foster care, advocacy, and becoming the best caregiver possible. We take an honest look at all aspects of the adoption and foster care journey and work to bring hope and encouragement to caregivers worldwide. Learn more about our work at

Dec 30, 2022

We're concluding our special podcast series, The Insight Archives, with a question that many parents wrestle with: How do I build a connection with a child who consistently, and constantly, rejects me? 

You pour more love, and time, and energy, and resources that you can begin to keep track of into this child. You are there at a moment's nontice when he or she needs you. Heck, you would swim the North Atlantic to get to them if you needed to. And yet, the rejection is real and it's constant. Nothing you say or do will ever be enough (let alone, good enough). How do you even begin to make sense of this? 

In this episode, Kristin shares practical, yet in-depth, insights into how you can actually work to build a connection with a child who consistently pushes you away, rejects you, or pursues superficial relationships over you. We know how much this hurts, but we also know there's a much bigger picture playing out in these situations. Have hope, hang in there! You are not alone. 

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