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A show about adoption, foster care, advocacy, and becoming the best caregiver possible. We take an honest look at all aspects of the adoption and foster care journey and work to bring hope and encouragement to listeners worldwide

Oct 21, 2021

We often believe some myths when it comes to control. Myths like...

  • I can control when or if my child experiences healing.
  • I can control who my child becomes.
  • I can control my child’s successes and failures.
  • I can control my child’s feelings of sadness or disappointment.
  • I can control my child’s happiness.
  • I can control my child's behaviors.

But the truth is, we are not in control of any of this. We can only control ourselves, and how we choose to love and connect with our children, even when they are doing things we don't like.

We unpack this, and more, in this episode!

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