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Jun 17, 2022

Raised eyebrows. Dismissal in a pediatrician's office. Unfair blame, judgement, or criticism. Conclusion that this is "just a bad kid who wants to do bad things!"

If you're parenting a child who was exposed to drugs or alcohol prenatally, this is all-to familiar territory for you. And, sadly, your child may also be in the crosshairs of these hurtful stigmas. Unfortunately this can be par for the course. But this is often born out of misunderstanding, lack of information, and in correct diagnosis. In this episode of The Honestly Adoption Podcast, we welcome Susan Elsworth, executive director of The Indiana Alliance for Prenatal Substance Exposure to the show to share the realities of prenatal substance exposure as well as discuss the importance of correct information and evaluations.

On the show, we discuss....

  • What it would mean to have a proper diagnosis and evaluations for young children.
  • Building our systems based on our children's strengths, instead of our parenting styles.
  • What it would mean for everyone (caregivers and professionals) to be informed on prenatal exposure.
  • Eliminating labels such as "they are adopted" from our verbiage as caregivers.

How to connect with Susan and Indiana Alliance...

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