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Nov 8, 2022

Welcome to our super duper special episode of The Honestly Adoption Podcast!

We're all about surprises here at Honestly Adoption and we have a big one today. Our good friend Jeff Noble, from FASD Success jumped on Zoom for a special interview about his brand new FREE online workshop for caregivers caring for a child or adult with an FASD called The Caregiver Kickstart FASD Workshop!

Here's what this amazing workshop is about...

Jeff will be teaching his heart out LIVE for three days, and along with his team is also putting together some brand new content and sessions to help you obtain Fetal Alcohol support, information, and strategies.

They'll also be offering bonus sessions and training… brand new Case Studies… as well as all new Action Guides – all geared to give you a renewed mindset and direction.

Within the workshop you'll get:

Live training…
Bonus sessions…
Action Guides…
And access to the team…

100% FREE to join!

Session 1 took place this past Sunday but THERE'S STILL TIME to get in on the action!

All you need to access the entire "FASD WORKSHOP" is your first name and email address.


Thanks for stopping by this week ;-)