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Nov 11, 2022

You may have just had a double-take when you read the title of this episode!  What in the world does safety during a traffic stop have to do with the foster care and adoption parenting journey? 

A lot, actually! 

Many caregivers on this journey are parenting a multi-racial family, children with a fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, autism, a severe mental illness, or another high special need. The likelihood of them having interactions with law enforcement are high unfortuntely. The biggest struggle, and question, we receive from caregivers is "How do I prepare my child for these possible unfortunate moments when they run into law enforcement?" 

Fortunately, we have amazing human beings like Jacquelyn Carter from The Alliance For Safe Traffic Stops, who've created transformational resources we can utlitize to bring safety, but most importantly change! 

A Little More About Jacquelyn....

Jacquelyn Carter is the president of Alliance For Safe Traffic Stops and the inventor of Not Reaching. She has an Associate Of Arts Degree in Information Technology, a Bachelor Of Science Degree in Criminal Justice, a Master Of Science Degree in Legal Studies, and a Master Of Public Administration with a concentration in Criminal Justice. She also serves on the Community Advisory Board in Alexandria, Virginia where she is also a resident. 

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