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Nov 5, 2022

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Abby Hasberry, Ph.D. to The Honestly Adoption Podcast. She is an Executive Educational Leadership Coach & Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Associate. In addition, she is also an adult adoptee and birth parent.

A Little More About Abby (in her own words)...

"If I had only three words to summarize my life's focus, they would be: leadership, service, and education. I'm a passionate executive coach who is also an experienced school administrator, educator, researcher, and college instructor with expertise in school start-ups, diversity and equity, racial identity development, transracial adoption, and leadership development.

In addition, I am a marriage and family therapist. My primary therapy specialties are adoption with focus on transracial adoptees, adolescents and young adults, racial identity development and racial trauma, and relationships. As a trained teacher, I approach each client and their family system through a developmental lens. I consider not only your lived experiences, but also the developmental stage at which you experienced them and how the combination of the two may have affected you. I have been trained in Brainspotting and narrative therapy and believe that the client is the expert in his/her own life. I consider myself diversity focused, trauma-aware, and internal family systems (IFS) informed.

I am also experienced in education management, P-16 education (including professional development and instructional leadership), team building and individual career development, online education, African American studies, curriculum development and implementation, and early childhood education.

My deepest satisfaction has come from developing people. My two ultimate dream jobs would be one in which I am working to reform education while developing talent hands-on, and one in which I am supporting transracial adoptive families."

How To Connect With Abby...

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