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Nov 11, 2021

What happens after you adopt? Where (and how) do you find support? What about resources and training? In our latest episode of The Honestly Adoption Podcast, we discuss all of this.

Besides finding a community of like-minded parents and caregivers, there is no greater need than post-adoption services after you finalize your child's adoption. But where do you find these services. We are excited to welcome Shalesta Peterson from SAFY to the show to talk about the great importance of post-adoption services!

A little more about Shalesta and SAFY...

Shalesta Peterson is the Adoption Services Coordinator for SAFY. Based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Shalesta works with families to navigate the process of adopting youth from foster care. Strong families are the foundation of strong communities, but all families encounter storms. SAFY is there to help weather these disruptions of life. They provide the tools needed to support the well-being of families ensuring everyone can reach their potential and fully participate in their communities.

During the episode we discussed...

  • The process of adoption through foster care versus traditional adoption
  • The unique needs of older youth and sibling groups eligible for adoption through the foster care system
  • Why families considering adoption should consider adopting through foster care as they embark on their adoption journey.

How to connect with Shalesta and SAFY...

Also on the show...

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